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African Carvings Shopping, Art, African Jewelry- Gifts and Souvenir

African Carvings, Art, African Jewelry- Gifts and Souvenir

Shopping Till You Drop African carvings of Persons, Wildlife, Stone carvings and Art on Paint wax, Jewelry, Beads,  Necklaces, Earrings and Much more.  



Gifts and Souvenir and intergral part of any culture and country . 

This servicce is for persons who want to shop for genuine antiques, African Jewelry, We take you to definate shops where one has time to explore and buy. 

The gifts and souvenir are an integral part of the travel experience and most tourists return home with souvenirs to preserve and commemorate such experiences. Souvenirs might take the form of T-shirts, authentic handcrafted items, antiques, key chains, safari Hats, Body wrappers, Masai Shukas, Beads, Rings, earrings, Neckalaces, Wood Serving dishes, Drums, Wall Hangings, miniature replicas of landmarks, or various other objects. Understanding what visitors perceive as being authentic about tourist arts and crafts through criteria such as product uniqueness, cultural and historical integrity, esthetics, quality of workmanship, the artist’s connection to the product. 


With careful selected items, it comes with a cost. So yes, these are favourable prices where most travellers visit becuase they are carefully hand picked  from Kenya. 


With prior arrangements,  the guest shall be liable to all shipping and shipping costs. we shall take you to a parcel shipping company either DHL or UPS so that one can ship to their address. 

Services Costs: 

Services start from USD50  - We Pick and drop guests from the hotels or Airport wait and drop off charges included. 


Booking: please send email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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African Carvings Shopping

The gifts and souvenir are an integral part of the travel experience and most tourists return home with souvenirs to preserve and commemorate such experiences. 


These items are themed on

  • Ethnic, arts and crafts

  • history and nature

  • Display at home

  • Outdoor, nature-based

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