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Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya Limited in its CSR Activities supports  the Streets and Slums Intergation Program (SSIP)  in Kenya.  

This is a Community Based Organization under the Ministry of Gender, Sports and Cultures registered in  2009. 


To rescue all needy children in the society from the effects of poverty, Malnutrition, diseases and nurture them into a foundation of good health, education and love to become good citizen and serve the world. 


To have communities where street children and less privileged in the community set-ups are given an enviroment that provides them with the fight to survive. To be a key organization offering humanitarian releif. 


To provide sustainable rehabilitation process

To provide infromation to the general public through awarenes on the plight of street children, slum families and other less priviledged members of the socitey. 

To empower target beneficiaries economically

To offer family / community support to parents / guradians of beneficiaries to facilitate sustainable rehabilitation

To care and support orphans in public schools  and inititating follow-up activities after they complete schools. 



1. Feeding program in Githurai OUtreach 

2. Sports activities : Football, Athletics, Karate, Boxing and Cycling


1. Organising games competition with children homes

2. Feeding on Saturdays at the Githurai for between 70-150 

3. Counselling of the rehabilitated street chidlren 

4. EDUtainment for knowledge acquisition. 

5. Searching and re-uniting the children with families

6. Paying of school fees in private schools for those children who cannot qualify to enter public schools


 - The  daily main challenge of SSIP is lack of finances to run various programmes. Their needs are overwhelming in terms of food, clothing, medical care and learning  materials at their rescue center in Githurai Outreach. If you would like to participate with the feeding program please feel free to contact the program manager. The cost is approximately Kshs. 10,000 / USD100 per saturday (for breakfast and lunch). They would like to add a meal  to include dinner and if possible on daily basis, hence the budget may raise. 

  - To building a large center in their own facility in a 5 acre land donated by a well wisher in Mai-Mahiu  on the Nairobi  - Nakuru Highway. 


Cruzeiro Safaris Kenya does their support financially where they can and by also creating awareness of the programs needs ONLINE. 

How you can help 

Kindly contact the Program Manager

Mr.John Mbugua (who himself was a streeboy for 15 years and was rehabilitated and is now running the program) 

Offices donated  at Nyanja House in Ngong road, Opposite Nakumatt Prestige. 

Tel: +254 701 221 093 or +254 755 673 227

To support SSIP through Mobile money in Kenya use 

Paybill Number 947500 ; Account : SSIP

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Facebook Page :  


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