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 The Following SHORT TOURS below can be booked even by single persons on the specific date and timings, we shall honor your booking. Available Join-in Group SHORT TOURS in Nairobi.  


23 Feb - 7am - Masai Mara By Road 3 Days 



08 Mar - 6am - Nairobi National Park and Elephants Tour 

08 Mar - 6am - Nairobi National Park Tour Morning

22 March - 9am - Nairobi City Tour 

23 March  - 6am - Nairobi National Park Tour and elephants 



20 April - 9am - Nairobi City Tour 



31 May - 2pm - Karen Blixen Musuem and Giraffe Center 



12 June - 6am - Nairobi National Park and Elephants Tour 

19 June - 2pm - Giraffe center and Karen Blixen Tour 



23 Aug - 9am - Nairobi City Tour 

25 Aug - 6am - Nairobi National Park and Elephants Tour 



26 Sep - 6am - Nairobi National Park and Elephants Tour

All Costs are per person      Ask a Question? 

Mombasa Tour To Shimba Hills National Park

Mombasa Tours, Kenya Safaris, Shedricks Falls - Shimba Hills National Park

Cost is USD140 per person Minimum of 2 people  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Includes: Transport, Game drive, Lunch and Walk to the Sheldricks Falls 

Depending on hotel location, You will be picked up from your coast hotel at

around 6am depending on location. You will drive to Shimba Hills Park.

You will have a game drive, walk to Sheldricks water falls, have lunch at

Shimba Hills Lodge and an optional walk to the bush around the lodge.

Later you will be transferred back to your hotel in the evening.

Key features


  • Include Endangered Sable Antelope, Elephants, Giraffes, Leopard,
  • Genet, Civet cat, Hyenas, Waterbuck, Bush pig, Buffalo, African Bush Baby,
  • Bushbuck, Coastal Black and white Colobus, Blue Duiker, Bush Duiker,
  • Red Duiker, Greater Galago,Black-faced Vervet Monkey, Sykes Monkey,
  • Serval cat, Black and Red Shrew, and Knob-bristled Suni Shrew.


  • 111 bird species have been recorded, of which 22 are coastal endemic
  • among them are: Ostrich Eagle, African Hawk; Falcon, Cuckoo; Guinea-fowl,
  • Kenya Crested; Honey guide, Greater; Hornbill, Crowned; Quail, Blue; Sunbird,
  • Uluguru


  • Python, Cobra, Lizard, and Gecko.


  • Butterflies, mosquito, beetle


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